Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Gift of Unconditional Love- It Never Wears Out

Today, many of us are finding ourselves in an age of disposable or "throwaway" washing machines, light bulbs, electronica, high-tech everything, cars, clothing, economics, political ideologies - it appears that all of these have built-in, and most-likely intentional, obsolescence.  We find that so many of these items break down as soon as the "warranty" expires.

Fortunately for those of us seeking a more Spiritual way of life, the gifts of Love, Gratitude, Honesty & Humility are never obsolete nor subject to the "newest version."  These principles have been with us since ancient times, precisely because they are spiritual in nature and have eternal foundations in spiritual principles.  The gifts of Unconditional Love of God / Spirit are immutable and always with us.  Our relationships can heal, prosper & grow when we keep the ideals of Unconditonal Love, Gratitude, Honesty & Humility first and foremost in our minds and hearts.  

These qualities are especially needed in our lives today in our interractions with co-workers, friends and loved ones and always & only work to serve us, and to heal our relationships.  The Gift of Unconditional Love doesn't have a "warranty" and will never need to be "traded up for the newest version."  It is eternal, nurturing and life-supporting.  It is easy to access, too, once we put our minds to using it on a regular basis- in all our relationships.