Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Choose to Activate Your Inner Healer!


"If we (choose) to listen to ourselves, to the innermost voice of our Spirits, we know that we have the Power to heal ourselves.  Self-healing begins with making our own decisons- about what we wear, what we do, who are- and deciding that we will be true to ourselves.
With the help of our (Spirit), we can resist the temptations to betray ourselves, for these temptations are born of fear; the fear that we are not good enough to be 'our own physicians.'  To give away our power(s) binds us and causes us to suffer. (Yet) we can (choose) to go to others for help without losing our own strength." - Karen Casey

Let us never forget the incredible Power that is in each one of us to heal ourselves! It is a scientific fact that our bodies are designed to naturally heal themselves.  Keeping this fact in the forefront of our minds will certainly strengthen our bodies' natural healing abilities.  However, making conscious choices every day to eliminate negative thinking, to bring in more positive thoughts and feelings about our innate Power as "spiritual beings having a human experience," will even further strengthen these abilities within us.

Making conscious choices to eat healthy, whole food diets, to get more exercise, to use only vegan or organic skincare products on our bodies and to surround ourselves with positive, loving people are powerful decisions that will increase our natural healing abilities!  Our journeys are certainly all about the choices we make every day, so why not give ourselves the best possible chance of boosting our self-healing capabilities? If we are uncertain about any new choices, making the healthy decision to ask for guidance from a trusted friend or colleague is the right next step.  Knowledge is Power, after all, and gaining new knowledge from others will always increase our own wellness.

Let's make more conscious choices every day to trust our inner self-healing 'guide,' and to seek more wellness and balance in all areas of our lives.  It is amazing how quickly our inner healer responds when we pay attention to it and give it the gifts  of regular exercise, getting enough rest, eating whole, organic foods and bodycare with lovely organic skincare products, rather than common products that contain chemicals that are toxic to our skin, bodies and health.  We can choose to heal ourselves!