Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Women Can Prevent Heart Disease by Eating Organic Whole Foods

 The real impact of heart disease on women has had increasing attention recently.  Although it is often erroneously thought to affect men more, current statistics show that heart disease actually kills more women than men.   One in three deaths of American women each year is caused by Heart disease, and it kills more women than all types of cancers combined.

Unfortunately, the white flour, sugars, refined oils and animal products that permeate he standard American diet or, "SAD, " are all known to promote heart disease.  Eating this type of diet has caused many American women to have to take various medications for cholesterol and blood pressure problems, and they experience heart attacks and strokes  more commonly now than in the past.  Women's medical professionals often recommend that their patients reduce saturated fat intake and be sure to understand the symptoms characteristic of a stroke or heart attack.  These simple recommendations, however, tend to just put a bandaid on a much deeper issue, and are not effective.  

The great news is this:  Women can vastly improve and heal their cardiovascular health and even improve their overall health to the point that the chance of heart attack is virtually null!   Believe it or not, heart disease is easily and almost completely preventable and reversible just by adopting healthier eating patterns that include lots of whole foods,  generous amounts of plant foods that are rich in phyto-chemicals vital to healthy brain function, with minimal processed foods and animal products.  These facts are backed by an increasing amount of scientific research that points to diets rich in plant and whole foods supporting overall excellent health.

A simple and very effective strategy to follow to improve cardiovascular health is to just eat plenty of greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries and seeds in your daily diet!  Organic plant foods have a huge number of benefits for heart health, some of which follow here:  Eating greens activates the Nrf2 system, which amplifies natural detoxification systems and protects blood vessels against inflammation that leads to plaque buildup; organic vegetables naturally rich in fiber, organic beans and fruits all help maintain the blood pressure in a favorable range; Organic beans, nuts and seeds possess unique cholesterol-lowering properties; and delicious, organic Berries of all kinds contain flavonoids that are very effective in reducing blood pressure!  Also, organic pomegranates and berries contain potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that protect against the danger of heart disease.  Studies also show that lowering added salt, alcohol and caffeine are additionally important to reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, as is getting plenty of regular exercise.

It's truly wonderful to know that we can care for our hearts very simply by making the decision to choose superior, plant-based nutrition.  Just including these super foods in our daily diets will greatly reduce the risk of developing diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer and other diseases.  Plus the added,  increased energy that comes from eating this way helps you feel great and will increases your energy and enthusiasm for life.  It's a relatively easy choice to make when you consider the overall wealth of benefits to your dear heart!