Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tired of Spending Too Much on Cosmetics that Don't Do the Job? -Vegan Skin Care is the Answer!

 For many years, I would go shopping at the local department store and always be "pulled in" to the cosmetic counters by the many lovely aromas, scents, colors, sparkles and all of the "glam" that bombarded my senses!  I just loved to try samples of different perfumes and cosmetics / facial care products that advertised things like, "look younger in just 14 days," "take better care of your skin with this scientifically-proven skin care system," and "this scent will make you absolutely irresistable!" -Who could resist these tag lines?

So, like many women my age, I would spend $50 to $100 just about every time I passed by one of these counters.  Yes, I was a very good customer, and I especially loved products that advertised they were made of "all natural" and "pure" ingredients, because I thought I was buying products that were "good for me."  My dressing table and bathroom drawers became cluttered with products, but sadly, my skin didn't seem to show any signs of "improved wrinkles" or "firmness," even though I followed the directions for the skin care system to the letter. 

A couple of years ago, I began to suffer some health issues and  sought the care of a Naturopathic Physician.  She was very helpful in getting me on track with a much healthier, organic, plant-based diet, and I began to lose weight, have more energy -and my skin began to look younger and healthier!  I started reading labels on everything I bought at the grocery store, and I began taking more notice of the skin care products on the "All-Natural" shelves of my favorite store.  Oddly, the labels often listed many ingredients that were not at all natural, but chemical.  

This lead me to research these chemicals so readily found in many cosmetics- and what I found out was not pleasant.  All of the skin care products I had been religiously using over the years for "anti-aging," "improving skin texture," and so forth contained many chemicals that had actually been aging my skin faster! I'd have been much better off just using Certifed Vegan Almond or Olive Oil- on my precious skin and would have achieved much better anti-aging and firming results.  

Organic plant oils like these contain very high levels of anti-oxidants, nature's strongest age-fighters.  I began to do more research and became more frustrated about the lack of warnings present on popular brand labels.   That's when I started buying all-Vegan or Organic Skin Care from trusted companies, and decided to start distributing them online, too!

Most people have no idea that if they spend $49.95 on an 1.3 oz/ 37 ml bottle of Certifed Vegan, Daily Moisturizer, they are getting a product that is so pure and concentrated, that only a very small amount is needed- compared to regular store brands of moisturizing lotions- to effectively give you healthier, glowing skin and maximum anti-aging results.  In addition, if used as suggested, that bottle will last anywhere from five to six months! - So you end up spending only $10.00 or less per month, much less than you'd spend at the department store.  What you get for that price is less wrinkles, more glow and improved skin firmness within the first 7 days of using the product daily. 

In our book, the facts are these:  We no longer use toxic chemicals on our skin; we choose to use lovely, vegan products  that are so healthy for the skin; we achieve beautiful, measurable results- our wrinkles, redness, dryness and skin texture are all greatly improved- there's simply no comparison!  You cannot get these results from store-bought, chemically-treated brands, and why would you even want to try?  If you take some time to really think about it, you certainly will draw the same conclusions we did.  When that time comes, we look forward to serving your all-natural, vegan, healing skin care needs!