Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Organic Summer Feet Cooling Treat!

Is the summer heat killing your poor, tired, dried-out 'lil feet?  Have you developed thick, painful, unsightly calouses on the soles of your feet from walking barefoot or in sandals? This is a very common problem for many of us during the summer months.  To alleviate calouses, soreness and minor skin irritations, give your little dear footies a real summer treat -Organic Plaintain Oil! 

This very healing essential oil is known for its anti-bacterial qualities.  Plaintain Leaf contains allantoin, an anti-inflammatory phytochemical that increases healing, actually generates new skin growth and also revives the immune system.  It's relatively simple to create an herbal poultice from the leaves that is a wonderful organic remedy for cooling and soothing minor blisters, bug bites, sunburn and other skin irritations. 

Fresh, organic Plantain Leaves are the best to use when making healing skincare home remedies.  Easily prepare the organic Plaintain leaves in a high-speed blender to thoroughly macerate all the leaves.  The resulting organic, fresh leaves mixture, or poultice, can then be applied to quickly relieve minor foot and skin irritations, like poison ivy, blisters, bee stings and sore calouses- especially those irritations associated with dryness and itching. 

Organic Plaintain Oil/ Ointment made from the organic plant leaves also effectively treats and heals minor foot irritations and speeds natural healing, due to its excellent
anti-inflammatory and styptic properties!  It's a wonderful all-natural asset to have in your home First-Aid kit.  Natural, organic skin care treatments and products provide more protection and healing to skin than non-organic brands or cosmetics.  Purchase organic skin care and beauty products that contain organic Plaintain Leaf, instead of harsh chemicals, dyes and additives that can potentially cause further harm.  Heal, cool & rejuvenate your Summer feet & skin instead- with this incredibly healing natural treasure, Organic Plaintain Oil.

Try some today - and watch your summer calouses disappear!