Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Beauty Secrets in Organic Skin Care with Natural Volcanic Ash

Natural Volcanic Ash is used to care for skin in many ways and does not contain any harmful side-effects. The sulphur in Volcanic Ash is a proven, safe, age-old remedy that is used to treat every type of common skin irritation and infection. Sulphur also happens to be FDA-approved for the treatment of acne.

Organic Volcanic Ash not only detoxifies skin, but is also rejuvenating and revitalizing. It enhances hydration (water moisture retention) for the skin and promotes healthy cell formation in new skin. It's also has excellent anti-aging benefits, as it improves skin's elasticity and firmness. 

Natural Volcanic Ash actually offers many anti-aging skin care and health benefits. When used as a regular part of daily skin care regimen, it can help reduce cellulite, stretch marks, as well as fine lines and wrinkles - anti-aging at its best! The ash also reduces the appearance of crow's feet, under-eye puffiness, scars and blemishes. Volcanic Ash Clay rejuvenates dry, dull skin and improves uneven skin tone.  Unbelievably, the ash also works to treat and heal acne! 

Natural Volcanic Ash Clay (a.k.a. sodium bentonite clay) is created as natural volcanic ash mixes with H2O. So the naturally-formed clay contains healing minerals that give your skin these very healing benefits. The mineral-rich ash gently exfoliates, sloughs off dead cells and revitalizes the skin. Volcanic Ash clay is an excellent body detoxifier and is now widely being used in Spa treatments, including healing clay baths and facials.

Natural Volcanic Ash Clay is an excellent healing and hydrating ingredient for natural body scrubs, in skin replenishing facial masks and healing acne treatments. These purify and replenish hydration in the skin, firm upper skin layers and draw out toxins to create soft, clean, acne-free and younger skin.