Thursday, October 3, 2013

Does Organic Honey Have Anti-Aging Benefits for Skin?

Organic honey is well-known as an all-natural humectant- it attracts and helps retain skin moisture, so it's a great natural choice for hydrating skin.  Choosing organic skin care products that contain honey can be very  beneficial to dry and itchy skin, because it really increases moisture in the skin.  Oily complexions are helped by honey as well, due to it's ability to retain skin moisture and elasticity without drying, as do more common skin care products that contain drying and potentially harmful chemicals.  

A naturally potent antioxidant, organic honey is also beneficial when taken internally.  Yet it has powerfully protective benefits when used topically on the skin either by itself or contained within an organic skin care regimen.  Antioxidants are Nature's free-radical-fighting powerhouses, and they are plentiful in honey.  Additionally, recent research has shown the effectiveness of organic honey when used as a natural suncreen.  It protects skin from sun damage that causes premature aging and wrinkles and can be a precursor to skin cancer.

Honey also has powerful, natural anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties!  So it's an excellent all-natural facial and body cleanser that detoxes and purifies your complexion, and leaves it  moisturized and smooth.  Delicious, all-natural honey is also a natural soother of skin.  It's a wonderful skin-calming treat for everyone, but even more beneficial for acne sufferers and  people with extra-sensitive or problem skin.