Friday, January 17, 2014

Emotional Discomfort Can Signal Growth

New circumstances and change in our lives, like starting a new career, beginning a new relationship, or opening the door to a new opportunity, can cause fear in us, because we have no way of knowing where the change will lead, and we generally are uncomfortable with the unknown.  Yet, if we can just relax and remember that what is happening right now in this moment is all that we need be concerned with, we do not have to struggle against what's coming- the unknown- and cause ourselves stress.  

To reduce stress and help maintain a wholesome, healthy lifestyle, we can just look back on our past experience for a moment, and remember that we have always been supported through big changes in the past.  We can be certain that we are being guided safely through the unknown, the "shadows," today, too.  

It's important for our growth in this journey to take those "leaps of faith," whether it means being willing to reach out and meet new people, visit new places or be open to new experiences.  We must move forward in life, even if it is a bit scary at first.  We can let go of the fear when we remember that we are never alone in this journey, and we are being guided to the new destinations and experiences that are meant for our growth.  

We are meant to have many new beginnings, so we can learn to let go, and develop trust that the new experiences we're being lead to are for our highest good and growth.  We will develop trust the more we can look back and realize that we have always been lead through new and often uncomfortable changes, and as a result, we experienced growth.  There is comfort in recognizing this truth.

We cannot fulfill our destinies without experiencing change and learning to walk through the fear.  All opportunities that come our way have been designed with our inner growth in mind.  We can learn to calmly and serenely accept change and new experiences as a big part of our spiritual plan.  We need them in order to continue to grow and stay on track.  Fear and stress will disipate as soon as we remember we are never alone on this journey, and all the help we require to move forward has been, and will be provided.