Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Organic Skin Care Healing with Relaxation & Gratitude

"Women like to sit down with trouble as if it were knitting." - Ellen Glasgow
Very often, we find our selves turning minor problems into monumental catastrophes by obsessing about them and giving them far too much attention.  We are told by many spiritual leaders that the solution to any problem lies within us! To get to the  solution, we must switch the focus of our attention from the "problem" to finding the solution.  Very often the solution starts with changing our perceptions.

We can't change others or many times even any situation outside of ourselves.  Yet we can make a decision to change our negatively-focused attitudes that block our answers or solutions from coming to us.  Changing our attitude to one of Gratitude for all the blessings we have been given in this life will radically change our thinking and how we're feeling!  We will feel and look less tired, as well as receive the benefit of more youthful skin.  When we choose focus our thoughts on Gratitude and feeling happy, we aren't so hard on ourselves and our expectations of others lessen, too.  This radical change in focus will provide the close relationships with others we all want, and our days will flow like a clear-running stream, rather than snag along with resistance.    

We do not need to take life so seriously - we can "lighten up!"  How much we laugh and feel merry and happy in each day is a great measure of our emotional health and strength.  If we're feeling good, our brain cells naturally produce more feeling good neuro-chemicals (endorphins, serotonin, dopomine, etc.), and our bodies begin to heal and feel better.  The 2nd biggest organ in our body, our lovely skin, also begins to heal and increase its ability to fight free radicals, our innate anti-aging mechanism.  So our skin begins to look younger, softer! - How's that for incredible, organic skin care?

So, let's relax, laugh, be merry and "lighten up!"  It's  a decision only we can make, but with so many healing benefits attached, why say No?  When you're feeling blue, try smiling for 5 minutes straight - and then see how you FEEL!  We CAN decide to feel happy & Grateful, and give our brain cells, bodies, immune systems and skin a big youthful boost.  Try It!! - Really, what do we have to lose? Another day of feeling depressed, angryor frustrated?  We can definitely afford to lose some of that and gain some renewed vitality and health.