Thursday, July 25, 2013

All Natural Botanical Skin Care vs. Store Bought Skin Care

Recently due to the increase of information available about what types of ingredients are contained in the body creams, lotions, and lip balms that we purchase every day for skin and body care, it has become absolutely necessary to become even more informed.  Begin by reading the Ingredients listed on the product label.  The average consumer usually has no idea that the body lotion they are purchasing at their favorite store can very likely contain toxic ingredients and oils, like Mineral Oil.  This oil is often the first Ingredient listed on product labels for body creams & lotions, because the product contains more of it than any other ingredient! Unfortunately, mineral oil is a petroleum product that is actually classed as a toxic, hazardous waste by many governments and regulatory bodies.  Due to this classification, mineral oil cannot be readily disposed of, so instead, it's sold to cosmetic companies for mainstream use in many brands of lotions and cosmetics. 
 Mineral oil may give the initial appearance of "moisturizing" the skin; however, it is actually only adding a layer of oil slick onto the skin, which prevents the epidermis from "breathing" in much needed oxygen.  Its toxins penetrate into the layers of skin and are then absorbed into the bloodstream and carried to different organs in the body as well.  It has become clear from many scientific studies that applying a skin care cream or lotion that contains mineral oil causes the skin to actually age faster, because it cuts off needed oxygen. Mineral oil will accelerate the aging process, damage the skin and cause dangerous toxins to be readily absorbed into the bloodstream.

According to recent statistics, the average woman applies over 350 different harmful chemicals to her body daily through the use of skin care and beauty products commonly found on most store shelves.  That may sound unlikely, but it is because petroleum & other chemicals generate free-radicals, which cause your skin to age.  These types of chemicals are highly toxic and are know to cause various skin irritations and to even promote skin cancer.  

So, are you ready to make a truly healthy decision for your face, skin & body to make the switch from using conventionally manufactured skincare and beauty products to truly all-natural products? Natural, or Vegan-certified skincare lines and products that are made from the purest botanical ingredients, like Papaya enzymes and Sea Buckthorn Oil, are naturally rich in Antioxidants.  These lovely botanicals are readily absorbed by the epidermis where they go to work to fight free-radicals!  They actually protect the skin against the generation of free radicals, that also weaken the skin’s connective tissues and natural protection.

Natural beauty products that contain pure ingredients like Sea Buckthorn Oil will also aid the skin in healing and growth of new cells.  Your skin will definitely feel smoother, look younger and more radiant, and you will feel really good about yourself, knowing that you made a much healthier choice for your skin & body care.