Thursday, September 5, 2013

Are We Culturally Biased Against Organic Skin Care?

Recently I've been having conversations with friends who actually use organic skin care products, about people's perceptions when it comes to choosing whether or not to purchase these products.  A number of interesting possible "roadblocks" came up in our discussions, that I think are worthy of some discussion on this Blog.  Of particular note among these conversation topics, was the theory that Americans may be somewhat culturally "biased" towards purchasing organic body care. 

According to what several people have mentioned, there seems to be a pervading "westernized" idea in American culture that organic skin care and body care products that are or are not manufactured in this country, according to the FDA's standards, may not be "clean" or pure.  Additionally, people seem to believe that purchasing and using Organic products that don't fall under the FDA's watchful eye, could be risky, because these products could potentially contain some kind of harmful contaminants that could cause illness or injury. 

Well, I really had a good laugh over this, probably because I may have wrongly assumed that Americans are long over this kind of thinking.  The truth is, anyone who does a bit of research on the internet today will find that this is simply not true.   Most organic products are grown according to USDA Certified Organic standards, which are actually very strict standards, when compared to those followed by the FDA.  In addition, it is worth purchasing organic products grown and produced in European and other nations, whose government standards for "organic" are even stricter than our own, due to the purity of these products. 

A great rule of thumb to always follow when considering different organic products currently available in stores, is to look for the USDA Certified Organic seal (shown below.)  These skin care and body care products are guaranteed to be pure and free of any possible contaminants.  

 I'll be publishing more soon on this Blog about other possible roadblocks to purchasing organic skin care and beauty products that are truly healthy and healing for everyone.