Thursday, September 5, 2013

Anti-Aging Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil in Organic Skin Care-Part I

One of perhaps the most annoying signs of aging is when brown, freckle-like spots or "liver spots" start showing up, especially on facial skin and hands.  Unfortunately, these "age spots" mean that free-radical deterioration of the lipids (fats), or lipofuscin, has already occured in skin.  It is well-documented that the main cause of age spots is oxidation of polyunsaturated fats and protein in the skin, due to free radical "attack."  The skin cells can't rid themselves of the discoloration caused by lipofuscin, and it continues to accumulate over time, causing the brown or "age spots."  
The good news is it's absolutely possible to prevent further skin aging and to even reduce the appearance of these age spots with using a moisturizing, free-radical-fighting botanical oil in daily organic skin care. We've been talking about the many virtues of Natural Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for quite some time on this Blog.  One of it's best healing qualities is that it's strong in fighting against free radicals, because it is unrefined and hasn't been stripped of its innate antioxidant-rich properties through a chemical refining process.  Most folks don't realize that commonly-purchased "natural" skin care products are made with refined vegetable oils- all the natural, botanical antioxidants have been stripped out of them, and so they are very likely to actually generate free-radicals both in and outside the body. 

Remember, whatever we put on our skin is absorbed into the skin cells and bloodstream in 23 seconds.  Using products that contain refined oils in fact causes skin to age faster. These "natural" products might feel like they bring temporary relief, but they actually accelerate the aging of the skin, production of age spots and can even promote skin cancer due to the free radicals produced by these  refined oils.   Fortunately there are many organic facial moisturizers, body lotions, body butters, organic body cleansers and soaps available to choose from today that are made with unrefined botanical oils, like Virgin Coconut Oil, that are rich in natural, free-radical-fighting anti-oxidants. 
- Check back for more Anti-aging Secrets of this miraculous organic skin care oil in our next Blog! (: