Friday, September 27, 2013

Benefits of Organic Bergamot Essential Oil

Organic Bergamot Essential Oil is pressed from the fruit of a small, tropical citrus tree that is found in the Mediterranean.  This member of the citrus family has been highly regarded throughout history for the aromatic essential oil pressed from its rind.  Recent and past studies of the phytochemicals found in organic Bergamot oil have revealed the many skin healing benefits it contains.  This oil has not only a very sweet fragrance, but a number of healing properties as well. 

Bergamot Essential Oil has wonderful stimulating and anti-depressant  qualities.  It delivers a sense of freshness, happiness and feeling energized by improving the circulation.  The oil also stimulates hormone secretion, and so helps to balance the metabolism.  The bio-flavonoids present in Bergamot Essential Oil have the effect of being calming, of relaxing and reducing stress, tension and anxiety, and the sleeplessness, hypertension that are associated with stress.

Certain bio-chemicals in organic Oil of Bergamot are also antibiotic and anti-microbial.  These discourage replication of germs, viruses and fungi and so effectively prevent skin infections.  When used regularly in daily moisturizing and skin care, the oil continues to protect the skin from infections and helps it to maintains its natural glow and healthy tone.   Continued use of organic Bergamot essential oil in skin care products will also promote healing of dry and cracked skin.